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Best Pest, Rodent, Termite and Wildlife Control
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Commercial Services

From one time clean outs to crickets to comprehensive ongoing plans; BugOff Pest & Wildlife wants to earn your business.  Our attention to detail and customer service set us apart from the competition.  If you are looking for the cheapest service available we are not the right company for you; but if you want great service and results at competitive prices give us a call today to schedule a Free Estimate.

We are often asked if feral hogs are dangerous. BugOff has solved feral hog issues for residential and commercial customers all over the Austin area.  In general the pigs are going to run away if given the choice but they can be dangerous if cornered or injured and can do amazing amounts of property damage overnight.  The biggest danger they present is to the family dog. If little Fluffy manages to confront a boar like the one below (taken from a residential yard) he/she will likely lose the fight.
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